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Rug Weaving Process in Llama Land

These rugs are woven by families that have been weaving for generations. These families were driven out of the Highlands in the 1980’s by guerrillas and have made a home near Lima city. They have little to no material possessions or government support and are supported fully by their weaving skills.


The selected color poms for the rug must be matched.  The dyer creates the dye and matches sample yarn until the right color is achieved. The correct quantity of yarn is then dyed.


Once the yarn is ready, it is driven to the road’s end and then carried the remainder of the way to the weaver’s home.  It’s approximately a 15 minute walk up a steep hill.  This photo is taken from the weaver’s home.


The weaver’s wife and grown son live with him and also weave.  The looms were handed down to him by his father, who taught him how to weave.  The looms are set up in their home, which consists of a room for weaving, and a small room for sleeping.


Once the rug is complete, it is carried down this hill to the road.  It is driven into Lima, where the rug is inspected for quality and shipped to the client.



Llama land

After having just returned from a trip to the Peru Gift Show, I wanted to share some of my findings.  Peru is rich in culture, llamas, and alpacas!  With the country’s history dating back thousands of years, you can see the various generations woven into the rugs and textiles of this land.  


An artisan working on a flatwoven rug made of llama wool


The incredible tapestry work of Maximo Laura!


A rug woven out of paja toquilla, which is a straw native to Ecuador.

Scottish Tartan Rugs coming to High Point Market!

From the Loch Ness Monster to the Pixar movie “Brave,” it’s clear that Scotland, in the heart of the United Kingdom is known for its rich cultural heritage of kilts and bagpipes. The ANTA collection keeps to that tradition, incorporating the plaid pattern of tartan. The carpets are similar to the original flat weaves from Scotland in the 18th century. ANTA has been making pure wool flat weave carpets in the Highland for 55 years and have developed a range of designs that stay true to its traditions. Staying true to the country, all carpet runners, rugs, fabrics, and throws are made and manufactured in Scotland of natural materials. Come see their rugs at the High Point Market in the Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth Showroom. But make sure to check out the pictures below first!

*Showroom location: Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth Directional Carter Showroom at 525 N. Wrenn St. in the Hamilton Wrenn Design District. Bus stop #22 on the red line.


Spring is in the air!

It’s finally spring! Six weeks have passed since the groundhog saw his shadow and now the leaves are growing again and the flowers are beginning to bloom. The warmer weather is especially welcome here in Amherst, MA. It’s been quite the white and cold winter with about three major storms snowing us in. There’s still snow on the ground! But, while the hot chocolate and nights wrapped in warm blankets have been fun, it’s finally melting.

I’m also excited about spring because of two major events coming up for AMS. The first is the arrival of our new rugs for the season. The photos attached below are some fantastic swatches of some of our pieces. The colors and patterns really speak for themselves here. The second is something this blog has been working towards for a few months now: High Point Market in early April. We’ll have a showroom full of rugs from all of our different collections and partners. Please stop by!

*High Point Market Showroom Location: Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth Directional Carter Showroom, 525 N Wrenn St., Hamilton Wrenn Design District, Bus stop #22 on the red line


Egyptian Collection
Design: Steamboat Springs
Available in various colors and custom size


Peruvian Collection
Design: Indigo
100% llama, custom colors & custom size


Peruvian Collection
Design: Enrejado
100% llama, custom colors & custom size

InnerAsia Rugs

This week, I wanted to draw your attention to some of the beautiful rugs from our Tibetan Collection from our partner, InnerAsia Rugs. Founded in 1986, InnerAsia has worked with the absolute best materials and designs from Tibet and Nepal. Their rugs are woven from 100% pure Tibetan highland sheep wool fiber by the best and most skilled native Tibetan artisans. Tibetan wool is some of the best wool and material in the world for hand-woven rugs because it produces luminous and strong rugs. Because of this, InnerAsia’s Tibetan rugs are recognized throughout the world for its wide ranging and vibrant color palette, its luxurious texture and durability. Not only the materials but also the designs themselves come from Tibet. Each rug is a creation based off of traditional Tibetan motifs or contemporary designs from inspired artists all across the globe.

But don’t take my word for it. Come see some of InnerAsia’s magnificent rugs at our showroom location: Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth Directional Carter Showroom, 525 N Wrenn St. High Point, NC, Hamilton Wrenn Design District, Bus stop #22 on the red line.

Below are just a few of the many wonderful designs that InnerAsia has shared with us:



Ton de boer custom rug



Ariana Rugs at High Point Market

We are very excited to display rugs from Ariana Rugs at the High Point Market in April. Based in LA, Ariana is a classic family business owned by three siblings – Ahmad, Alex and Nadia Ahmadi. Not only are they all from Afghanistan but also, true to their family mentality, all their rugs are made and imported from Afghanistan. Even their raw materials come from Afghanistan and are maintained and weaved in Kabul.

The company was founded in 1990 and has rapidly grown to become the brand name in Afghanistan’s carpet and rugs. They even won the Domotex Traditional Design Award in 2012 (which they lovingly yet accurately describe as “the Pulitzer Prize in the rug world”). They have their own showrooms in Los Angeles and Hamburg, Germany.

Their family history is fascinating in itself. Originally from Afghanistan, the Ahmadi family fled to Germany after the Soviets invaded and then to the US in the late 1980’s. They had been purchasing, repairing and selling old carpets and began to think of their own designs incorporating traditions from all over the Middle East. In 2002, they started producing carpets out of Kabul and operating the first factory to sell rugs directly to the US after the fall of the Taliban. No small achievement.

Below are some of my favorites but, honestly, they’re all breath-taking and follow a beautiful tradition. We will have more of their fantastic rugs on display in our showroom during the spring High Point Market April 5-10. We hope to see you there!

Ariana from HP 2013 - photo from Kay - ARI 13133 8'11x11'11 15401HR

15292 15212_12A53_8_0X9_8

Showroom location: Tomlinson Erwin Lambeth Directional Carter Showroom at 525 N Wrenn, located in the Hamilton Wrenn Design District on the red line, bus stop #22.

Designer Spotlight- Doug Greiwe

In anticipation of showcasing some of Lida Lavender’s rugs at High Point Market, I wanted to show off some beautiful room shots featuring them. The very talented Doug Greiwe designed these rooms in particular. Like Lida, Doug has a strong family history in his industry, with the Greiwe Decorative Company founded in 1881. The story goes that the company specialized in painting until the founder’s son, Gene, insisted they expand into interior designing. When his father reluctantly agreed, the company expanded into furniture, wallpaper, and fabrics. Which means that we get to work with them on designing these fantastic rooms!

Doug earned his bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Throughout his 26-year career, he has continually shown himself as one of the best interior designers. He is also a NCIDQ certified member of the American Society of Interior Design. Doug firmly believes in working from the ground up, designing the entire interior of a home while it’s in a conceptual phase. That means that, from the beginning, he works with the client and the architect to make a home that fits the clients’ needs perfectly. That’s where our rugs come in!

Below are some of the truly amazing shots that feature both Doug’s fantastic design work and Lida’s beautiful antiques:

Gardner  April 2013 003

Gardner  April 2013 017